Travelling Light as a Golfer

Travelling light as a golfer is a big challenge, especially for serious players that need a range of clubs and equipment for all types of weather conditions and golf courses throughout the world. There are a few ways to overcome the burden of heavy lifting and general inconvenience of too much gear. Renting gear, leaving gear behind or buying as you go are just a few options to consider.

Rentin golf clubs and equipment is one way of travelling with less but has some disadvantages. Renting can sometimes be expensive. Renting also takes time because players need to consider their golfing equipment options before doing so. However, if the player gets to know the owners of golfing shops, it may be less time-consuming.

Some serious golfers that travel all over the world for competitions are sick of travelling with too much gear, paying luggage fees and feeling weighed under. Instead of being happy about travelling, they feel tired and miserable. One way to avoid this is to leave some clubs at destinations that you return to regularly. The Radical Storage online luggage storage network is a way of leaving luggage behind at a number of destinations throughout North America and South America. The website is easy to access and the process is not time-consuming.

Buying gear as you go is probably an option for those that can afford it or for players that are looking for new gear. It may not be necessary to buy all the clubs. Players can take some old clubs and buy a few new ones at their destination. This is probably not a regular option but one worth pursuing the golfer that wants to do some shopping.

Online storage networks, renting and buying as you go may turn you into a minimalist so that you can enjoy your destination without the burden of too much weight.