Travelling Golfer Trends

The golfing traveller is seeing the emergence of relaxed and minimalist travellers that are saving money as well as doing what they love. A few trends are more prevalent than others such as the use of luggage storage services, the sharing economy and technology.

Older golfers are commenting on the amount option for young golfers travelling all over the world. Some of the experiences seem unthinkable for an older generation of golfers. The new generation seems to be able to play golf all over the world. It is more affordable, easier and hassle-free for many travellers. Here is some of the trend-spotting among world travelling golfers.

  • Luggage Storage Services

Fresh-faced and happy travelling golfers are making use of luggage storage services provided all over the world. This is perfect for golfers that don’t want to carry large bags and will return to certain destinations at a later time. Today many options are available close to main railway stations, here a list of luggage storage facilities at London King’s Cross.

  • The Sharing Economy

There is a generation of golfers that will do anything to cut their expenses. The sharing economy is one such way that some golfers who could never afford to play in the past are able to play all over the world. Some players CouchSurf to make their trips possible. Such cost-cutting methods have always existed but are now much more accessible because of the internet.

  • Technology

Some golfers are amazed at how well-planned golfers are before arriving at a new destination. Their accommodation is booked, they know where to rent gear or get their storage gear, transport is booked and the weather conditions, costs, local nightlife and places to eat out have all been organised with the use of the internet or cheap phone calls over Skype.

The trend-spotting among world travelling golfers reveals a more minimalist, tech-savvy, and cost-cutting approach to travelling and playing golf. The trend means that more people are playing some of the world’s more unique courses at a fraction of the cost.